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to a place for Royal Story players find answers to questions such as: How can I earn more Rubies? How many Tortare's Combos do I need to make to complete this Quest? If I finish this Quest, what will the next one be? Is the Fishing Activity worth doing?

Visit the Quest page and you will find lots of Quest info, including a link to the next Quest in the series. We have pages on animals, machines, recipes, and we want to add more.

Do you have a question you'd like answered here? As about it in Discussions (link above in Navigation Bar).

Would you like to contribute? There's a lot that's needed. Start here, or ask me a question on my profile: LawdyMissMaudy

We want to this wiki to be fun and useful. We need you!

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Rubies: Did you know that there are many ways to earn Rubies instead of purchasing them? There are also ways to buy them for less! Find some tips here for saving them, too!

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